Preventative Maintenance

Keeping your air conditioning system regularly maintained will help you avoid unexpected repairs and help keep your home cool all year round.

Benefits of AC Maintenance include:

  • Lowering your electric cost
  • Extend the life of your existing system
  • Decrease energy use
  • Avoid emergency service calls
  • Better air quality in the home or business
  • Improve overall comfort levels in the home or business

What We Check When Doing AC Maintenance

During a routine residential AC maintenance visit, HVAC Heroes will check all of the following:

  • Check Freon levels, and leak check unit
  • Check evaporator coils for leaks
  • Check condenser for leaks
  • Check electrical
  • Check heaters
  • Check for worn parts
  • Clear drain line
  • Clean drain pan
  • Check safety switches
  • Check for temperature differentials
Young Male Serviceman Working On Fridge With Screwdriver At Home

Our preventative residential AC maintenance plans provide two maintenance appointments six months apart from each other with 10% off any repairs or services required in the year. Whether you have just had a new air conditioning system installed or your existing system has many years of use, it is beneficial to tune up your system. You can trust that HVAC Heroes will help make sure your system is running effectively and efficiently all year round. Contact us now to schedule your maintenance visit!



Proper preventive maintenance prior to breakdown is the most cost-efficient way a business can avoid expensive downtime and costly inefficiencies even when the system is up and running. At HVAC Heroes, we provide individual preventive maintenance 10-point inspections and repair, if necessary, including deep cleaning and leak detection, at competitive pricing. We also can custom create scheduled maintenance packages designed around your specific business needs and particular system brand, age and condition.

Still Using R-22 Refrigerant?

No longer in production in the U.S. or available for importation, the cost of R-22 has risen exponentially. If your system still uses this outdated refrigerant being phased out by EPA, please contact HVAC Heroes to discuss your options and learn about cost-effective alternatives that will minimalize customer impact during conversion.

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